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ADATA 32GB Rose Gold USB 3.1 High Speed Apple MFi certified Flash Drive Storage Water and dust resistance AI920


ADATA 32GB Rose Gold USB 3.1 High Speed Apple MFi certified Flash Drive Storage Water and dust resistance AI920

$40.88 $120.00


• 6.9mm ultra-thin and compact Flash drive
• MFi-Certified
• USB 3.1 speed races up to 150MB/s read
• One-touch backup for photos, videos, contacts
• Support recording 4K video directly to AI920
• Filter effects when shooting pictures
• Sensitive file protection with password encryption
• Water and dust resistance
• Support backup Live Photos
• Support Chromecast contents cast on TVs
• Support subtitle playback
• Advanced



With the Lightning / USB 3.1 dual connector A-DATA AI920, only 6.9mm thickness, thinner than the iPhone. USB3.1 high-speed transfer interface, up to 120 MB / s read speed, Lightning interface is also up to 30MB per second transfer speed, iOS mobile devices and Mac / PC can quickly transfer and backup files. The new development of 4K video recording and recording capabilities, does not take up the phone storage space, and have a full encryption, proper protection of files; metal texture appearance, to develop fashion boutique style. In addition, it also has dust and water repellent function, and provides up to 256GB capacity. AI920 is not just a generic flash drive! You heart it?

Not only small pursuit of thinner
AI920 thickness of only 6.9mm, the body thinner than the iPhone, plug iPhone when not in use at all protruding, and iOS devices perfect blend. Mobile phone only 16GB of space AI920 understand the pain! Small size, but great deep capacity, a total of 32/64/128 / 256GB three kinds of capacity to choose from.

Black classic can not be ignored
The classic reason for the classic, because of its unique and kept being sung. AI920 Obsidian black gloss dazzling appearance is through the multi-layer polishing process and precision electroplating methods and baking technology to create a smooth surface and neatly cut trim trimming, not only show the unparalleled sense of fashion; In addition, can resist Use small scratches. Elegant golden Ray carving out of the noble body texture, new technology design to take you with an unprecedented sensory experience.

USB3.1 high-speed transmission interface
Distressed network signal is poor, but can not transfer files? AI920 with USB3.1 high-speed transmission interface, read speeds up to 120MB per second, transfer speed faster than the traditional USB2.0 5 times. And support the transmission of a single file over 4GB and enjoy high-resolution 4K Ultra HD video on iOS devices for unparalleled audio and video entertainment.

That is recording high-quality video that is recorded
Weigang team of new research and development, so that the AI920 with recording and recording capabilities, after taking pictures or video, directly to the AI920, but also support 4K video instant video and backup. Want more storage space? Now plug AI920! Give you an unprecedented throb in your life.

i-Memory app filter function with mood color
With a powerful camera iPhone, how can we not match a beautiful graphics software? i-Memory app built-in a variety of unique filters, whether it is beauty, retro, black and white, Lomo and many other styles of any of your color, but also immediately through the app to share social networking sites, so amazing swept the world, to create their own play Americanism!

Dust and waterproof to share more peace of mind
AI920 COB (Chip on Board) package process and enhance the waterproof design within the fuselage, so that AI920 with a high degree of anti-splash water repellent function, durable, can effectively protect the data security, so that the memory of the memories not because of unexpected small accidents The damage, properly isolated seepage or into the sand, so you boldly share no worries.

Super intimate extension Lightning connector design
Insert the flash drive, the United States and the United States have always had to remove the protective cover, AI920 saw your trouble! Ingenious extension of Lightning connector design, no matter how thick, how much the protective shell / box, no need to disassemble, AI920 can be perfectly connected to your iOS device, easy plug, no longer let you down or compromise!

File encryption more assured
In order to properly save important information, AI920 provides password protection, can set a specific password for a specific file, but also can be individually locked folder, if you can not remember too many passwords, AI920 i-Memory app can also be independently locked , Complete protection of all files, AI920 not only intimate, strong defense of your personal privacy!

A key backup is simple
High-resolution photos, video always plug your iPhone? AI920 with a key backup function, high-quality photos, videos, contact information and a variety of files, as long as one touch gently, you can back up all the files, allowing you to enjoy every moment of precious store.

Support subtitle playback
Through the powerful i-Memory app, the AI920 supports the mainstream subtitle format, allowing you to enjoy the most captivating subtitles in love with the movie, and you can change the multi-language at any time to enjoy the beautiful viewing time.

Back up Live Photo
i-Memory App Dominance Support iOS Device Exclusive Live Photos backup and playback, you can collect vivid dynamic photos, allowing you to share in the online community every moment of wonderful life.

Support non-destructive music playback high-quality hearing feast
Because of the file size, we usually can only hear compressed music files, ordinary MP3 sound quality will not be able to meet your ears critical! The AI920 supports lossless music formats, listening to the purest and flawless original music files from studios or theaters, and the ultimate high-quality powdery, high-quality accessories for high-resolution music!

Support for Chromecast video projection
Using the powerful i-Memory app, not only Airplay mirroring through Apple TV, but also Chromecast now supports high-quality video with high-definition video and high-resolution photos projected on the big screen.


Capacity 32GB / 64GB / 128GB / 256GB (champagne only)
Color obsidian black / champagne gold / rose gold
Size (L x W x H) 37.8 x 16.9 x 6.9mm / 1.48 x 0.66 x 0.27inch
Weight 3.6g / 0.13oz
Interface Lightning / USB 3.1, backward compatible with USB 2.0
Performance (maximum) USB3.1 end:
Read up to 120MB per second
Write up to 30MB per second

Lightning end:
Read up to 30MB per second
Write up to 20MB per second

* Transmission speed varies by capacity, test platform hardware, test software, and operating system
Product Compatibility iPhone 7 Plus / iPhone 7 / iPhone SE / iPhone 6s Plus / iPhone 6s / iPhone 6 Plus / iPhone 6 / iPhone 5s / iPhone 5c / iPhone 5 / iPad Pro (9.7- inch / iPad 5th Generation / iPad Air 2 / iPad mini 4 / iPod touch (6th Generation)
File System FAT32 / exFAT
Supported operating systems iOS 9, 10, 11
Accessories strap leather, manual
Warranty Two-year warranty
Remarks 1. Actual performance may vary by platform and application tool.
2. Some of the capacities listed on flash drives are used for formatting and other functions, not all for data storage. Therefore, the actual available storage capacity will be slightly lower than the product listed capacity.
3. The i-Memory AI920 flash drive does not support simultaneous plug-in for iOS devices and personal computers. In this case, the AI920 can only be read by the device inserted first, and the other device will not function.
4. The surface after multi-layer polishing, the product has life Scratch; but the appearance may appear with the use of different minor wear.




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