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How to update your TNS-1724 DOBE Controller Pro for Ninterndo Switch 如何更新TNS-1724 DOBE Pro 控制器 適用於 Nintendo Switch


Download Update installer file Here 在此處下載更新安裝程序文件


Update Steps:

1. Download and Open the update program on the computer

2. Keep pressing the left joystick or press and hold X + Y + Home button 

3. Connect the controller with the computer via a USB DATA cable (note: the cable should be a data cable (not included), if the update is not successful, please kindly check if your cable is a data cable)

4. Keep pressing the left joystick until the The Update Firmware option on the screen lights up, then


1. 下載及在電腦上打開升級包;
2. 一直向下按住左側搖桿 或按住 X + Y + Home 鍵
3. 使用數據線將手柄與電腦連接(注意: 此步驟必須使用數據線(不包含),如果升級失敗請檢查使用 的線材是否是數據線)
4. 一直向下按住左側搖桿直至 The Update Firmware 的選項變為可選,然後點擊升級

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