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Shooting Laser Toy Gun Alarm Clock Target Panel Shooting LCD Screen Toy Games Gifts White - Alarm Clocks - Althemax - 1


Shooting Infrared Toy Gun Alarm Clock Target Panel Shooting LCD Screen Toy Games Gifts White



Battling to get out of bed now that the mornings are getting darker? What you need is the Gun Alarm Clock. Here’s why: first off, it doesn’t have a snooze button. Instead, you have to hit the alarm’s red target dot with the infrared gun, or rip the batteries out, to shut the damn thing up.

The set features three game modes for when the alarm goes off: In Quick Shot mode you have to pull off five perfect shots within 3 minutes. Time mode is a battle for speed each morning to see how quickly you can wake up, react, and blast the target away. Finally, Random mode changes up the timing, making for an unpredictable stand-off with waking life.


  • 100% brand new high quality.
  • Innovative and unique alarm clock.
  • Red LED backlight for use at night.
  • Fun gift and great resale item.
  • The alarm will not stop until you hit the center of the target with infrared.
  • A infrared beam aimed at the exact center of the target is the only way to turn off the alarm sound in the morning.
  • Hit the target to turn off the alarm.
  • Depending on your skill and aim, you can choose from normal or hard modes.


  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Color: White
  • Display: 2.3" LCD
  • Alarm Shooting Set: 3 game modes
  • Shooting Distance: About 3 meters
  • Alarm Clock Power Source: 4 * AA battery (not included)
  • Plastic Gun Power Source: 2 * AA battery (not included)
  • Package Weight: 0.53kg
  • Package Size: 18.00cm*20.00cm*10.00cm

Package Includes:

  • Alarm clock with target
  • Infrared Gun
  • Manual
  • Retail packaging


EAN: 5060347242278

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