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NGC White DualShock Game Shock Joypad Controller Gamepad for Nintendo Wii GC NGC GameCube - Game Controller - Althemax - 1


NGC White DualShock Game Shock Joypad Controller Gamepad for Nintendo Wii GC NGC GameCube


Control the power of the Game Cube! This controller is designed with gamers in mind. To increase controller stability and ease of use, Nintendo has designed two grips and grouped the controls for the left and right hands into two "systems." In addition, Nintendo have arranged the buttons on the right side in such a way that the A Button home position may be set by the player, making the role of each button more intuitive.

- NGC Game Shock Joypad Controller for Nintendo Wii & GameCube
- New generic Controller Pad
- Easy to play game with simply gamepad
- Compact and succinct profile, lightweight and portable
- 2 analogue thumb stick
- 8 completely analog action buttons: the harder you press, the faster you go!
- 4 fire action buttons,1 shoulder buttons
- Game Controller for your Wii & GameCube consoles
- No external power required
- Console with this NGC controller, simply plug it into Wii console and play.
- Works exactly the same as the original Nintendo GameCube and Wii controller
- A best replacement of the original or an extra controller for multi-player games
- Provide maximum comfort even during long and grueling gaming battles
- The intuitive button layout puts you in the position to succeed and rise to new gaming heights
- Built-in vibration and turbo function allow you to truly feel the action on screen
- Easy operation, simply plug this item into your GameCube or Wii console
- Special design for Nintendo GameCube and Wii game console
- Enable players to play NGC games on Wii For Wii users, please connect the controller pad onto the connectors located on top of the Wii, under the flip open plate
- Third party product, not made by Nintendo

Color: White
Item size: 137*98*52mm
Net weight: 211g
Package weight: 241g
Compatible with: Nintendo Wii GameCube GC

Package Includes:
NGC Game Controller X1

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